Anemos Racing

The Greek F1 Schools Team

Our History

As many people say, experience is everything. Anemos Racing consists of Middle School Students that have been participating in the F1 In Schools Competition for the 3 years.

Wieveloped and we continue to work on aspects of this project like marketing, engineering and management. Our main goal is to qualify again for the world finals and eliminate all previous weaknesses observed throughout the team’s build-up.

Anemos Racing is a team that has lots of experience on this project. The importance of uniform role distribution among the members and the fact that we learn to take the most out of our mistakes makes us a united progressing group, along with following some common rules that ensure effective cooperation. Our team was first formed in the autumn of 2017, with different people, different aspirations and different abilities. Until then we grew up and became more mature in managing this kind of complex project. Last year’s goal was to qualify for the world finals and gain experience, but now that we have achieved that goal, the next one is to

Success Story ( World Finals 2019 Abu Dhabi)

The team participated at the F1 in Schools World Finals in Abu Dhabi as a collaboration team with 2 of its current members, Asimina Lazaridou and Aris Koutsopoulos. Anemos Racing Team ranked 13th out of 55 teams coming from 23 different countries and it had the 2d fastest car in the world after the new regulation changes. ( foto απο τον διαγωνισμό τις εχω επισυναψει σε αυτο το μειλ )

Our School

Anatolia College

The American College of Anatolia since its founding in 1886 in Merzifon of Asia Minor has become synonymous with quality education. Since 1923 it has been based in Thessaloniki and is a private non-profit educational organization impregnated with the highest ideals of Greek and American education. Anatolia College established the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Training Center in 2012, aiming not only at strengthening the existing teaching of science in school, but also in its comprehensive and effective application in the fields of Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science. Based on the Center's programs and with the guidance of its people, we formed our team and continue our efforts to distinguish in F1 for Schools.

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Meet the Team


Aristidis Koutsopoulos

Team Leader & Design Engineer

Aris, being the leader of Anemos Racing Team is responsible for coordinating the team members and also ensuring that the team’s progress follows the initial plan, so that Anemos can stay on track with its goals. Furthermore, he sets the deadlines according to the team’s capabilities and also identifies possible risks for which he proposes potential precautions to the team for further evaluation. Lastly, he designs the car in accordance with the design and engineering goals described further down and in accordance with the technical regulations.


Asimina Lazaridou

Marketing & Resource Manager

Asimina, is in charge of leading the team’s marketing efforts and providing guidance to the team by evaluating and developing marketing strategies. Additionally, her responsibilities are organizing the marketing plans, promoting the team on social media, building an effective Team Identity, and designing the Pit Display. She is also responsible for the Enterprise and Social Media &Marketing Portfolios.


Giannis Karagounidis

Manufacturing Manager

Giannis, our Manufacturing Manager, liaises between workshops and other professionals in order to provide the required resources to construct the model. He is responsible for the CNC process and most of the manufacturing stages. He ensures the car’s compliance with regulations in its final stage, concludes on the right materials to be used and completes physical test.


Design and Engineering Goals

The team has a lot of experience regarding the car, considering it has the 3d fastest car after the 2019 regulation changes. Before doing that we had set specific engineering goals which were proven to be the key to success. They are the following:

  • Ease of manufacturing
  • Minimization of drag force
  • Minimization of friction at bearings
  • Minimization of weight within regulations
  • High rolling quality


Even in real companies, promoting your work and advertising your product is very difficult but essential. Nowadays, the most common way that people communicate with each other is through social media where other companies and people operate. Every age group has a widespread platform or media. For example, teenagers have Instagram, young adults have Facebook and Instagram. Οlder people prefer the tv or the radio. So as a team, we plan to go and present our work to each age group in different radio stations, news channels, and social media platforms. The previous years, we did the same thing and we had great acclaim.

Sponsors / Partners

One of the most vital aspects of this project is to find the financial support needed in order to realize the project. Our strategy as a team is to pursue sponsorships in kind as well as they may be proven very efficient because in our project services and products are a big part of our budget. Also potential sponsors are more likely to offer services or products for free than offer money. Furthermore, we will try to implement a more creative and attractive way of promoting our sponsors through social media and we will put a lot of effort on that, to provide something to them too.

F1 in Schools™

F1 in Schools™ is an international STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition for students aged 9-19, in which they collaborate with each other and with professionals in order to design, test, develop, manufacture and race a miniature F1 car. However the competition’s objectives don’t stop there. Not only do we have to raise the funds needed to complete the whole project, but we also have to promote and market our car to the general public. Key skills required for this program are time and risk management, the ability to work productively in a team and many more.

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